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We offer Bail Bonds in Bakersfield CA. We are proud to be a family owned and operated in Bakersfield for the past two decades. Due to our expertise many of the leading criminal defense Attorneys in Bakersfield will recommend Adios Bail Bonds exclusively, they feel comfortable with our services because they know we will handle their clients with special care and that the client will be out of jail almost immediately. Adios Bail Bonds seasoned team of agents are respected by the court staff, judges, district attorneys, and the department of corrections. We are “Bail Bond” professionals.  If your family is having financial issues, we get that!.

We work with what you have in order to put together a bail package that works!
We are a family from Bakersfield and we NEVER forget where we came from


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What Can Adios Bail Bonds Offer You?

24/7 Bail Service

For your convenience we are available 24/7! So night or day we are here to help.

Easy Payment Plans

We understand your financial situation and have payment plans to work with your unique situation.

Instant Credit

Bad or No credit! We offer bail bonds with no credit check. Call for details.

Quick Bond Approval

We will get your loved one out quick with or speedy bond service.

Any Jail, Any Court

We are licensed to provide Bail Bond services for Bakersfield and the entire state of California.

Fast & Professional

Our professional Bail Bondsmen help you through the entire process.

Need Bail Now? Stop Waiting!

At Adios Bail Bonds we provide fast service throughout the state of California. We will treat you with respect and confidentiality.

When your friend or loved one has been arrested it can often be a very stressful and embarrassing experience. It is easy to become overwhelmed and lost in the legal system. We understand. Our knowledgeable and experienced bail bond agents will guide you through each step of the process.

Get Your Loved One Home Today!