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How Do Bail Bonds Work?

When someone is arrested, the local jail or court will set a bail amount (the $ amount can depend and be based upon the alleged offense involved as well as other contributing factors). This is done because it is the court’s way of assuring that a defendant appears at their scheduled court dates once we help you assure they get released from the local jail.

This is how our Bail Bond Services helps you through the bail bond process:

  1. We walk you through step by step what a bail bond truly means
  2. We are happy to work with your individual financial situation to help you through the financial aspect
  3. We explain that you pay Adios Bail Bonds a fee which is typically 8% or 10% of the full bail bond amount
  4. We then posts a bail bond with the jail facility
  5. We gets your loved one home where he or she belongs!

However, If a defendant skips bail and doesn’t appear at a court date, the bail will be surrendered. In the event that a defendant’s bail is paid through a bail bondsman, the bail bond agent has the authority to hire a bail recover agent to locate and surrender the defendant to the court.